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Can I renew a CDL or other class of driver’s license online?

While you unfortunately can’t renew a CDL (classes A, B, or C) online, you may currently be able to renew it by mail. Other classes of NY driver’s license (classes D, E, or M) can be renewed online. All of the license classes, regardless of whether they can be renewed online or not, require the driver to submit proof of a passed vision screening when they renew.


Enhanced IDs and REAL IDs can be renewed online if you already have this type of license, but you cannot change a standard ID or license to an enhanced or REAL ID online. For this, you’ll have to provide the DMV additional documents to prove your identity in an in-person visit.

Commercial Driver’s License Renewals

Commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) cannot be renewed online. If your license is Class A, B or C, you’ll have to renew by mail or make an appointment to visit your nearest DMV office. Due to COVID-19, most DMV offices are offering limited services by appointment only. Please make sure to visit the DMV’s website to find your nearest location and read about how to prepare for your in-person visit.

Commercial driver's license renewal by mail notice from DMV

Motorcycle License Renewals

You may have a Class M driver’s license. These allow drivers to operate motorcycles and may be combined with a standard license. If your driver’s license says Class DM, this means you can operate regular vehicles as well as motorcycles. You may renew your class M or DM license online after passing a vision test.

Junior Driver’s License Renewals

If you have a junior driver’s license (Class DJ or MJ) that authorizes you to drive without supervision under the age of 18 and you want to get a senior license, you have to visit the DMV and provide a Student Certificate of Completion from a state-approved driver education course. Your new, standard license will be mailed to you. You cannot upgrade a class DJ or MJ license online if you’re under 18. Once you receive your first senior license, you will be able to renew that one online when it expires.

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