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Can I renew a suspended license online?

How Can I Renew a Suspended New York License?

You cannot renew a suspended driver’s license until you get it restored. When your license is suspended, so are your driving privileges. A driver’s license can be suspended for many reasons, and there are different actions you’ll have to take depending on what kind of suspension you have to get your driving privileges restored.

The DMV will mail you a notification if your license is suspended and tell you what kind of suspension you have and what steps to follow. If you haven’t received anything in the mail, you can check if your license is suspended online at the DMV’s website. First, you have to log in to your MyDMV account. If you haven’t created one, you’ll need to do so. Once you’re logged in, you’ll click on “My License, Permit, or ID”. If your license is suspended, you cannot renew it until the suspension is lifted and you’ve paid any applicable fees.

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What Should I Do if My License is Suspended?

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Man driving in city traffic]

You may have a definite suspension or an indefinite suspension. If you have a definite suspension, you cannot drive until that suspension period is over and you pay a termination fee to end the suspension. You can pay the suspension termination fee online here. If you have an indefinite suspension, it usually means there’s no set period of time, but you have to do something else before your driving privileges are restored - like pay a traffic ticket. The suspension notice from the DMV will tell you what steps to follow.

Once your suspension period is over and you’ve paid the suspension termination fee you’ll be able to drive again as long as your license is active, meaning it hasn’t expired yet. If you need to renew your license, you can then do so online by scheduling a virtual appointment to take a vision test first, and then using the DMV’s online renewal service.

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