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Can I Renew Online, by Mail, or in Person in NY if I Take an Online Vision Test?

Save Time by Renewing Your Driver’s License Online

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Many people take the online eye test in order to renew their license online and avoid going in person to the DMV or having to schedule an appointment to take an eye exam, but there may be times when you have to go to the DMV in person or you choose to renew your license by mail. No matter how you ultimately process your renewal with the DMV, your vision test results from Cleared to Drive will be in the DMV’s computer system and will remain valid for a year; the DMV will be able to access this proof that you have met the vision test requirement no matter what method you choose to renew.

If you want to change your driver’s license photo or you want to upgrade to the Enhanced License or REAL ID, you will have to visit a physical location.

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If You Run Into Issues During Your Online Renewal

If you’re having issues with your online renewal you should try a few things before scheduling an appointment to visit a location. Try accessing the website from a different browser (for example from Safari to Chrome). Try processing the renewal from a different device such as a laptop or tablet. Sometimes the DMV website experiences downtimes and congestion; if your transaction isn’t going through or you’re getting an error message, try again in an hour or the following day.

If the issue persists and you choose to do your renewal in person, the DMV will have your eye test results electronically. If you need a paper copy of your results, we will email you an MV-619 form (the DMV’s vision test report form) upon your request so you can print it and bring it with you to your appointment.

Why Would I Want to Take The Vision Test Online?

Doing your eye exam online means you don’t have to leave your house at all to renew your driver’s license. Simply schedule your vision test with us, then visit the DMV’s online renewal page and complete your transaction from any mobile device or computer.

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