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How do I change the photo on my New York driver’s license?

You Can Change Your License Photo Any Time

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You can only change your license photo when you go in person to a DMV office. It is free of charge if you update the photo when you renew your license; there is a fee to change the photo if your driver’s license has not expired yet, or will not expire within 1 year.

If you want to update your driver’s license picture, but it is not yet time to renew your license, you need to make an appointment with the DMV and pay a small fee for the new license card. You will need to bring a completed MV-44 form, your current driver’s license (you will have to surrender it), and the $17.50 fee to be paid in person.

You will be given a temporary non-photo license by the DMV to be used until the one with the updated photo arrives in the mail, about 10 business days later. If you haven’t received your license in the mail after 10 business days, you can check the mailing status of your driver’s license online at this link

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Schedule an Appointment if You Have to Visit a DMV Location

If you choose to go in person to renew your license and/or update the photo on your driver’s license, remember to make an appointment first as most NY DMV locations are currently open on an appointment-only basis. Make an appointment with the DMV here.

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