How do I know if my driver’s license renewal completed successfully?

How do I Know if My New York Driver’s License Renewal Completed Successfully?

If you reached the confirmation page of the license renewal page where it states the amount you paid for the license renewal, and where you can see the DOWNLOAD button for the Temporary License then you have completed your renewal and DMV will start processing your renewal request.

Processing Your Driver’s License Renewal Online

How to successfully renew your driver's license online

When you head to the DMV’s license renewal page, the first thing you see is general information, and you do not have to click on anything there; simply click on “Continue”. The next page is where you are asked if you want to register to vote/party affiliation. Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ accordingly, then click ‘Continue’. The third page is where the actual driver’s license renewal begins. Usually drivers are asked for their license ID number (the 9 digits on the top front part of the license), social security number, address, and occasionally for the document number. The document number is usually on the back of your license, made up of 8 or 10 characters (numbers and letters). For driver’s licenses printed before January 28, 2014 the document number can be found in the lower right corner on the front of your license.

Once you pass the personal information page, you will be asked about any physical impairments or special needs that may influence driving. Answer those questions, and then you will be able to pay the renewal fee to the DMV. The renewal fee can be anywhere between $65 and $189 depending on your license class, any enhancements, and on your zipcode. The DMV accepts any major credit or debit cards when paying for the license renewal online. Verify your payment information, submit it, and the final screen will be the confirmation of your renewal submission. On the same page you will see the button to download and print your temporary license. You should receive your new license in the mail in about 10 business days.

What to Do if I Haven’t Received My New License?

If you did get to the confirmation page, but it has been more than 10 business days since you finished the online renewal and you have not received your license in the mail, you can click on this link to check on the status of your renewal.

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