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How do I renew my NY driver’s license if I’m currently in another state or abroad?

Fortunately, you can renew your NY driver’s license from anywhere in the world when you do it online! You can take your required vision screening remotely with us and then renew your license on the NY DMV’s website as soon as you pass. This enables the entire process to be completed from anywhere. We have helped New Yorkers to get their renewal done from all six inhabited continents!

Update Your Address With the DMV

Renewing a driver's license if you're outside of New York

When you renew your driver’s license online, your new one will be mailed to the NY address that’s on record with the DMV within 10 business days. If you’ve moved within New York to a different address you’ll want to do a change of address with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles before completing your license renewal.

The DMV will only mail your new driver’s license to a New York address. Make sure the address you have registered with the DMV is one where you can pick up the new license yourself or perhaps have a friend or family member there that can mail it out to you.

Schedule Your Online Vision Test

Due to COVID-19 and unprecedented closures in the state of New York, the DMV had issued extensions for people whose driver’s license expire between March 1 and August 31, 2021. The DMV will allow select customers to renew online by self-certifying that they’ve passed a vision test. If you’ve been able to process your driver’s license renewal online without taking an eye exam you will still need to take a vision test within one year or the DMV will take action against your license, so don’t forget to submit your vision screening results today!

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