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How much does it cost to renew my NY driver’s license?

There are various fees associated with renewing your New York driver’s license. Let’s break down some of those fees so you have a better understanding of how much your license renewal will cost. First, you will need to take a vision screening, which if taken at a provider other than the DMV (like Cleared to Drive) will have an additional cost determined by that provider. Cleared to Drive’s virtual eye test costs $49. This vision screening fee does not include the fees that the NY DMV charges you to renew your license. After you complete your vision test, you’ll finish your renewal on the DMV’s website. Here’s a sense of what to expect the DMV to charge for your license renewal:

Renewing a Standard Class Driver’s License

How much does it cost to renew a NY driver's license

A standard license renewal (Class D or DJ) can range from $64.50 - $80.50 depending on where you live within New York state. Certain counties have a Metropolitan Transportation Commuter District (MTCD) surcharge applied. If you live in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Dutchess, Nassau, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Suffolk, or Westchester counties your driver license renewal will include an MTCD fee of $16 for an 8-year license. That’s why a standard license renewal if you live in these counties will cost you $80.50 while the same license renewal may cost $64.50 in most of New York state.

Renewing Commercial Driver’s Licenses

Commercial driver’s licenses (Classes A, B, C) cost $100 more to renew than renewing a standard license would cost. If you live in an area where the MTCD fee applies, you would pay $180.50 to renew your commercial driver license. If you don’t live in one of the counties mentioned above your renewal will cost you $164.50. If your license has additional endorsements, there may be additional fees that apply to your renewal for those endorsements. You do have the option to change your driver’s license class if you’d like to reduce your renewal cost by changing to a lower cost class of driver’s license.

Renewing a Motorcycle License

Motorcycle licenses (Class M or MJ) cost $72.50 to renew, plus a $16 MTCD fee if you live in one of the counties mentioned before. Your motorcycle license renewal could cost up to $88.50. If you have any other class of license combined with a Class M license (for example, Class DM) there will be an additional $8 fee to renew that license.

Additional Fees Associated With Renewing a Driver’s License in New York

There could be other fees added depending on different factors. For example, there is an additional $30 fee added for an Enhanced Driver License. Cleared to Drive’s $49 vision screening fee is separate from the DMV renewal fee. You can schedule an appointment with the DMV and have your vision test done during your in-person renewal for no additional charge; see Other DMV Vision Registry providers may charge a different amount, which will be determined by each individual provider. You can visit the DMV Vision Registry here to find approved online eye exam providers.

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