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If I already renewed my license and self-certified my vision, how do I fulfill the vision test requirement?

If you were able to renew your New York driver’s license without taking an eye test, you can fulfill the NY DMV’s vision test requirement by taking our online driver’s license renewal vision test. Your results will be submitted electronically as soon as you pass, which means there’s no waiting. The DMV will receive them instantly and you won’t have to upload or mail anything.

Between March 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021, drivers were able to bypass submitting vision test results when renewing their driver’s license by self-certifying their vision and agreeing to taking a vision exam within one year. If you renewed your driver’s license online within those dates and you haven’t taken your eye test, the DMV will send you reminders for you to submit vision test results. You can schedule an online vision test below and have your eye exam done the same day, without having to go anywhere!

Can I Skip Taking a Vision Test if I Already Renewed My License?

Submit vision test results within one year

A vision test is required in New York when renewing or applying for a new driver’s license. Prior to COVID-19, drivers were required to submit proof of an eye test certifying that they met the DMV’s vision standards before being able to renew their license. During COVID-19, the New York DMV designed a way for drivers to be able to renew online by self-certifying their vision, but after August 2021 the old system has been back in place. This means that drivers will have to provide vision test results prior to being able to renew their license again.

Currently, when renewing a New York driver’s license online, you will be asked to put in your personal information such as license ID number, date of birth, zip code, and last four of social security number. Once you fill those in and click next, you won’t be able to move forward until you complete a vision test. If you take your eye test online with Cleared to Drive, once we submit your results, you’ll be able to bypass this page and continue with your license renewal.

What if I Recently Had My Eyes Checked?

If you’ve taken an eye exam within a year of renewing your license, you can contact your eye care provider and have them fill out an MV-619 form which you can mail to the NY DMV to fulfill the vision test requirement.

If that option doesn’t work, consider taking your eye test online. Cleared to Drive is an authorized eye test provider and makes fulfilling the vision test requirement easier than ever by submitting your results electronically to the DMV’s Online Vision Registry and providing a seamless online experience. Our vision test is designed to work on any device with a camera, microphone, and stable internet connection capable of handling videocalls. You can schedule your online eye test today at www.clearedtodrive.com.

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