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If I lost my New York driver’s license or don’t have it with me, can I still renew it?

If you lost your license and it will expire within a year (or is already expired for less than two years), then you can still renew it online as long as you know your license ID number. You can find your license ID number on NY’s MyDMV portal if you don’t know it. You will need an eye exam as required by the DMV to be able to renew. If your driver’s license is lost and expires more than a year from now, you do not need to renew it, you only need a replacement license. You do not need to take an eye exam to request a replacement. If you only need a replacement license, see guidance here.

Renew or Replace a Lost Driver’s License

Lost driver's license renewal

Most people choose to renew their license if it expires within the year. While renewing is more expensive than requesting a replacement license and requires a vision test, if you request a replacement for a license that is about to expire you’ll find yourself having to renew it soon anyway; getting a replacement license does not affect the expiration date.

Thanks to advancements in technology, you no longer have to go to your eye doctor or even leave the house in order to take your required vision test. Once you pass our online vision screening, we submit your results directly to the DMV and you can complete your online driver’s license renewal with them on their website here.

Make Sure You Update Your Address if You’ve Moved

Remember that if you lost your driver’s license and you’ve recently moved, you may take your online eye exam before you change your address, but you’ll need to change your address BEFORE completing your renewal. You can process a change of address online. Don’t forget to take your vision screening before processing your license renewal with the DMV.

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