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Is Cleared to Drive legitimate?

A Legitimate Service

Yes! Cleared to Drive’s online vision test is a legitimate service that’s approved by the NY DMV for your required driver’s license renewal eye exam.

We’ve conducted thousands of online exams for New Yorkers across the state from 20 years old to well into their 90s and take great pride in providing you with the highest quality of service. Check out our reviews on Trustpilot, Facebook, and across the testimonials at the bottom of our homepage.

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DMV Vision Registry Member

Cleared to Drive is a member of the NY DMV Vision Registry of approved vision screening providers, which allows us to submit your online vision test results directly to the DMV on your behalf. When you pass your required vision test with us the DMV will not ask you the vision questions when you renew your license because they will already have your passing results in their computer system. You won’t need to do anything else to prove that you have met the vision test requirement to the DMV!

Cleared to Drive in the NY DMV Vision Registry

Founded by a Licensed Optometrist

Cleared to Drive is your online, optometrist-certified option for completing the vision test requirement for license renewal from the comfort of your home.

Our founding optometrist, Dr. Kerinna McDonald (New York State License number TUV008157), will review your records and ensure that the DMV receives accurate and complete vision test results for you. You’ll be able to submit your driver’s license renewal directly on the DMV’s website as soon as you complete your vision test with us, because the DMV will receive your results immediately electronically.

New York State requires that drivers pass a vision screening before they renew their license. We are one of the three main ways you can complete this vision test requirement for the DMV (the other two being at the DMV and in person with a healthcare provider in your community). We are looking forward to ensuring you meet the DMV’s vision requirements from the comfort of your home and getting you on your way to renewing your license!

No matter how you do it, make your plan to get your vision checked today. Happy trails with your newly renewed license!

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