Cleared to Drive Sets New Age Record with Online Vision Test for 93-Year-Old Client

New York, NYCleared to Drive, a COVID-friendly New York based online eye test provider, has set a new age record after successfully testing a 93-year-old’s vision online, allowing him to renew his New York driver’s license entirely from his home.

“Whether young or old, upstate or downstate, people from all backgrounds need to renew their driver’s license,” said Dr. Kerinna McDonald, a New York licensed eye doctor and Cleared to Drive’s founding optometrist. “Our older neighbors are among those who benefit the most from avoiding a trip to the DMV.”

Residents of New York must pass a vision test to renew their driver’s license. Fortunately, online eye exams are a fast, safe, and extremely convenient way to avoid waiting in line at the DMV.

Checking your vision online may seem novel but online eye tests are no different from all the other ways our lives have increasingly moved virtual in the age of COVID-19. Building a new eye chart from scratch allowed Cleared to Drive to rethink the traditional eye chart for the modern age, allowing you to measure your visual acuity from a cell phone, laptop, or tablet in a matter of minutes. Hundreds of New Yorkers from age 20 to 93 have renewed their driver’s license from their homes with Cleared to Drive’s virtual eye test. That breadth of client base and the wide range of positive Cleared to Drive reviews demonstrate just how valuable virtual services like Cleared to Drive have become—not just for the young, but also the young at heart.

“I’m so happy,” said Dr. McDonald, “to see that we’ve brought the convenience of at-home DMV vision tests to the full range of New York’s diverse population.”

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