Online Vision Test Smooths the Way for Over 10K Drivers

New York, NY — More than 10,000 drivers in New York have been able to renew their driver’s license completely remotely after passing Cleared to Drive’s online eye test.

Dr. Kerinna McDonald, an optometrist licensed in New York, founded Cleared to Drive last year to help drivers have a far more convenient experience renewing their license. The state of New York requires a vision test for the renewal — one that previously could only be completed in-person at an approved location.

“Being able to renew your driver’s license online sounds really convenient, but going in-person to take the mandatory vision screening defeats the purpose,” Dr. McDonald said. “Cleared to Drive’s online vision test turns what used to be highly inconvenient into a fast, easy and enjoyable process completed in just minutes.”

The young healthcare tech company has grown rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic to meet client demand. The milestone of 10,000 customers served comes about six months after the service launched in New York.

Cleared to Drive’s test keeps license renewal seekers safe from potential COVID-19 exposure. It safeguards their wallets as well, as customers pay for the test only if they pass it. For drivers who pass the vision screening, Cleared to Drive electronically submits the results to the NY DMV.

The online eye test can be taken using a phone, laptop, or tablet and is currently available to residents of the state of New York. To learn more, visit or contact us directly at

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Greg McDonald
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