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When will I get my renewed NY driver’s license?

Expect your new driver’s license to arrive in the mail about 10 business days after you pass your online vision screening and complete your renewal with the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The new license will be mailed to the address registered with the NY DMV, so make sure that’s your current address. If you submitted your license renewal to the NY DMV more than 10 business days ago and have not received it, and your address has not changed, you may want to contact the DMV to check the status of your license renewal. You can check the status of your new license with the DMV here.

Make Sure You Took the Required Vision Screening

Your new license should come in the mail within 10 business days

The New York DMV requires a vision screening as part of your driver’s license renewal process. You can take that online with Cleared to Drive and complete the entire renewal process from home. Once you pass the vision test, we submit your results immediately electronically to the DMV. Your next step is to finish your license renewal on the DMV’s website at https://transact2.dmv.ny.gov/photodocrenewal/

The Downloadable Temporary License

When you reach the DMV’s license renewal confirmation page, you can download and print a temporary license document in case your current license expires within 10 days (or is already expired). Please note that if you do not download the document when you see it, you will not be able to access it again. If your current license doesn’t expire for a while, you’re all set!

If You Need a Change of Address

If you’ve moved, you’ll need to do a change of address before completing your renewal. The DMV recommends updating your address within 10 days of moving to avoid important documents getting lost. If you renew your license online before updating your address, your new license will be sent to your old address. Updating your address with the U.S Postal Service does not automatically update it with the DMV. Even if you change your address with the post office, you will still have to notify the DMV and do an address change.

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