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Can I take an online vision test from my phone?

Our Online Vision Tests Are Designed to Work on Most Devices

Lots of our clients take their vision screening from their phone! Our system is optimized for every type of device with a camera, whether it’s a smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet - you name it. As long as you have your driver’s license number, a picture ID and an internet connection that’s able to establish a video call, you will be able to take the test with us.

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You can take the required vision test online!

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Is a Mobile Device Too Small for an Online Vision Test?

Cleared to Drive vision test on mobile device

You may be asking yourself, how is it possible to take a vision test on such a tiny screen? We calibrate your eye chart for your individual screen size. During our virtual meeting, we will have you measure your ID (or the debit / credit card you plan to use for payment) against your screen in order to adjust the size of the letters according to how big (or small!) your screen is. This way we can make sure your online vision test is provided to you in a personalized and completely fair manner.

Once we have measured your screen, the system will automatically adjust the eye chart for optimal results. We will then have you place your mobile device somewhere it can stand in portrait mode, or you can have a helper hold it for you while we have you walk a certain distance (calculated by our system) away from the screen in order to take the test. Once done with the test, you can complete the payment through your mobile device.

Processing Your Online Driver’s License Renewal

After your results are submitted to the DMV (which takes less than 5 minutes and usually happens right on the call), you can follow the DMV link we send you on your phone and finish your renewal on the spot! That’s right, you can finish your whole renewal on your phone. Once you are done with the DMV renewal process, they will mail you your license within 10 business days. You can also download a temporary license to print out if needed.

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