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New York Driver’s License Renewal

Holding glasses with eye chart in background

Does New York require a vision test for driver’s license renewal?

The New York DMV requires you to pass a vision test before renewing your driver's license whether online or in person. Find out what's required to pass and what 20/20 vision actually means.

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Closed mailbox

Why didn't I get a NY driver's license renewal reminder in the mail?

If you didn't receive a driver's license renewal notice, you may have an extension. Everything you need to know about extensions and deadlines for renewing your driver's license in NY.

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Chairs in a waiting room

Can I renew online, by mail, or in person in NY if I take an online vision test?

Online vision tests make it easy for you to renew your driver's license online, in-person, or by mail. Regardless of how you choose to renew, your results are submitted directly to the New York DMV.

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Person in chair on laptop with large clock in background

Can I renew an expired New York license?

You can renew an expired driver's license in NY if it expired less than two years ago. Get important information about renewing your license past the expiration date.

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Mack truck with New York license plate

Can I renew a New York CDL or other class of driver's license online?

You cannot renew a commercial driver’s license online. Learn how to renew a CDL and find out which driver’s license classes you can renew online.

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Wooden gavel on marble surface

Can I renew a suspended New York license online?

Before you can renew a suspended driver's license, you will have to submit a request to the NY DMV. Here's a quick guide to walk you through the steps to do so online.

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Hand with rings holding top of steering wheel

Can I renew a NY learner's permit or non-driver ID online?

You can renew a non-driver ID online, but you cannot renew a learner's permit online. Generally, this requires a DMV visit. Learn how to apply for a new permit or upgrade to a license.

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Welcome mat with lower body of person standing in front of it

Can I renew a New York temporary visitor driver's license?

Learn how to renew a temporary visitor driver's license and what to do if your temporary visitor status is expiring.

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Yearly planner with pen

How long will my New York driver's license be good for?

In most cases, your New York driver's license will be good for 8 years but there are some exceptions. Here's everything you need to know about your license expiration date.

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Hand pulling out empty pocket of jeans

If I lost my NY driver's license or don't have it with me, can I still renew it?

You can renew your New York driver's license if you don't have it. Learn all about renewing a lost driver's license online and what you need to do if you've moved.

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World globe on table

How do I renew my NY driver's license if I'm currently in another state or abroad?

Online driver's license renewals make it easy to renew your license from anywhere, even if you're outside of New York. Learn some tips for making sure your new license gets to you, wherever you are.

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Airport lines to check bags

How do I get a New York Enhanced driver's license or Real ID and what's different about them?

Get information about requirements and deadlines for getting an ENHANCED driver's license or REAL ID in NY. Learn about the differences between an ENHANCED driver's license and a REAL ID.

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A magnifying glass over a laptop keyboard

What is my New York document ID number?

Your New York document ID number is different from your driver's license number. Learn how to differentiate one from the other and where you can find them.

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Optometrist administering eye exam.

If I already renewed my license and self-certified my vision, how do i fulfill the vision test requirement?

Fulfilling the vision test requirement is easy. If you've self-certified your vision when renewing your New York driver's license, take the eye test online from any mobile device, laptop, or tablet.

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Military family at home with baby

How do I renew a New York driver’s license if I’m in the military?

Learn about active duty military extensions for renewing a New York driver's license. Military and veteran discount on license renewal vision test.

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What to Expect from the New York DMV

A laptop on top of an appointment book

How do I schedule an appointment with the NY DMV?

Learn how to make a NY State DMV reservation online. The DMV offers various online services but if you need to visit a DMV location, you'll need to schedule an appointment first.

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Man looking at laptop with credit card in hand

How much does it cost to renew my NY driver's license?

Everything you need to know about NY driver's license fees. This helpful article explains the different fees associated with renewing your NY driver's license.

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How do I know if my driver’s license renewal completed successfully?

How do I know if my New York driver’s license renewal completed successfully?

Everything you need to know about what to expect after you renew your driver's license online with the NY DMV and how to tell if your license renewal was completed successfully.

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Woman standing on street looking unhappy

What do I do if my NY driver’s license doesn’t arrive in the mail?

Learn what you can do if you didn't receive your renewed driver's license within 10 days. Find out how to check the status online or by phone with the New York DMV.

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Woman sitting down writing in notebook

When will I get my New York driver's license?

Learn about how long you'll have to wait for your new driver's license to arrive and what to do if you didn't receive your new license in the mail after renewing online.

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Hanging pocket watch

Do I get a temporary New York license to use until my new one arrives?

When you renew your license online you'll have the option to download a temporary document. You can use this as a temporary driver's license until your new one arrives in the mail.

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Map of the United States

How do I change an out-of-state driver’s license to a NY driver’s license?

Learn how to change an out-of-state driver's license for a NY driver's license. If you recently moved to New York, here's everything you need to know about getting a new license.

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Black and white photo of Canon camera lens

How do I change the photo on my New York driver’s license?

Changing the photo on your New York driver's license requires a visit to the DMV. Learn how you can change your license photo and the fees involved.

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Man sitting down taking money out of wallet

How do I change my New York driver's license class?

You can't change your license class when you renew online, but here's what you can do if you want to upgrade or change the class of your driver's license.

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couple carrying boxes while moving out of home

How do I change my address with the NY DMV?

If you've recently moved, you'll need to update your address with the DMV before renewing your license online. Here's how to do an address change with the New York DMV.

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An I Voted sticker roll

Why is the New York DMV asking me to register to vote?

The DMV gives you the option to register to vote online during your driver's license renewal. Learn how to register later, and what to do if you're already registered to vote in NY.

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