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How do I renew a New York driver’s license if I’m in the military?

Renewing Overseas

If you’re in the military and you’re stationed overseas or outside of NY, you can renew your New York driver’s license online from anywhere by taking the online vision test first. All you need is your driver’s license ID number, a photo ID, and 10 minutes!

The eye test works like a video call with a licensed eye care provider, and we submit your results instantly to the New York DMV. You can take the test from a cell phone, tablet, or computer and complete the renewal entirely online after you pass. Learn more about how to take the vision test online here.

Get a 10% military discount on your virtual eye test by using code MILITARY-10.

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You can take the required vision test online!

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Can I renew my NY State driver’s license while I’m on active duty?

While you’re in active military service your New York driver’s license privileges are extended for up to 6 months after discharge or separation. The New York DMV also allows all driver’s licenses to be renewed for up to 2 years after their expiration date. This means that you can renew your New York driver’s license for up to 30 months after your discharge from active military service, but you will need an unexpired license to continue driving.

You don’t have to apply for these extensions, they are granted automatically, but you will have to provide a Certificate of Discharge no older than 30 months. You can read more about extensions provided to active-duty military at the NY DMV’s website.

If you need to mail in your certificate, we will email you your vision test results (MV-619 form) the same day in a downloadable PDF that you can print and mail to the NY DMV with the rest of your documents.

Is there a military discount for the online eye test?

Whether you’re a veteran or active-duty personnel, you can get 10% off the online eye test by using code MILITARY-10. All you have to do is let your technician know you’re in the military and they’ll apply the discount to your total at the end of the test.

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