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What is my New York document ID number?

Your document number identifies your specific driver’s license or identification document card. Unlike your driver’s license number or ID number, which identifies you, your document number is attached to that specific license or ID card. When you renew it, that number changes because you get a new card from the DMV; your license number (license ID) will not change.

Where Do I Find My Document Number?

Your document number can be found in various places depending on what type of ID it is and when it was issued. If your license or ID was issued AFTER January 28, 2014, your document number can be found on the back; if it was issued BEFORE that date, you’ll find it in the lower right corner on the front of the card.

The document number is a mix of numbers and letters that can be 8-10 characters long. Your license number is 9 digits and all numbers, so this is a good way to tell them apart. You can also easily tell them apart because your ID number will generally be by itself on a line and contain spaces every 3 digits, whereas your document number will have no spaces. The following images from the NY DMV’s sample photo documents page show the different locations that your document number may be located based on the type of license you have.

NY DMV Sample Document Number
NY DMV Sample Document Number
NY DMV Sample Document Number
NY DMV Sample Document Number
NY DMV Sample Document Number
NY DMV Sample Document Number

What Do I Need My Document Number For?

You don’t need your document number to take our online vision test. We only need your driver’s license ID number. You’ll use your document number when you log into your MyDMV account online. When you first create your MyDMV account, you’ll be asked for both your 9-digit ID number AND your document number. If you’re registering to vote, you’ll need your document number as well.

The DMV gives you the option to register to vote when you renew your driver’s license online. Read more information about registering to vote with the DMV here. Remember that if you lost your ID or license and requested a replacement, your document number on your replacement card will be different from your original one.

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