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How do I schedule an appointment with the NY DMV?

The DMV’s Online Services

For your convenience, the New York DMV offers an extensive list of services available online so you don’t have to visit the DMV in person. However, some transactions can’t be done online. If you have to visit a location you can schedule an appointment using our New York DMV office directory to find your closest location.

If you’re renewing a driver’s license, you can do so up to a year before it expires or 2 years after its expiration and you can avoid going in person by renewing online and doing your vision test with Cleared to Drive. We submit your results to the DMV digitally and you can then process your renewal at the DMV’s website. You’ll receive your new license in the mail within about 10 business days.

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How to Prepare for Your DMV Appointment

Wear a facemask to your scheduled DMV appointment

Due to COVID-19, DMV locations in New York have experienced extended closures. Most DMV offices are now open by appointment only and offering limited services for transactions that cannot be done online. Please keep in mind that available appointments are limited and may not be available unless scheduled far in advance depending on your location, so if you need to apply for a new license or document in person you’ll want to plan ahead and make a NY State DMV reservation. You can find available online transactions here to avoid going to the DMV in person.

Along with a required appointment, there are new safety protocols that clients must follow when visiting a location. Due to COVID-19, only the person doing the transaction will be allowed inside (unless it’s a minor with a guardian or an interpreter). If you have someone accompany you, they will be required to wait outside while you process your transaction. For your safety and the safety of others, a face mask or covering is required the whole time you’re inside. Due to the unforeseen closures, the DMV has issued extensions for permits and licenses that expire between March 1st and December 31st, 2020. If you want to upgrade your driver’s license to a REAL ID or ENHANCED ID, we recommend renewing your current license online and upgrading in the future when offices resume full services.

Find your nearest open location at our New York DMV offices page and make a NY State DMV reservation.

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